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Questions we often get asked by parents and campers:

What is included in the curriculum?
The curriculum is highly interactive with breaks scheduled throughout the day. We reserve the right to alter or cancel any course advertised if such action is deemed necessary to improve the camp’s overall effectiveness. More information can be found at the specific Forum pages.

How does SuperCamp evaluate success? 
We maintain a non-competitive environment where students measure their own success based on personal progress during camp. A self-assessment form is provided to each student at the Junior and Senior Forum levels. The self-assessment form will be in their playbooks that they have throughout camp and will be bringing home. There will also be campers’ evaluations completed by their Team Leaders, including what campers have excelled at and things that can work on when they go back home. We will give this to parents on the last day before the Parents Information Sessions. Certificates will be available for pick up on departure day.

How are parents involved in SuperCamp Bali?  
On the last day of camp, we would like to invite you for our Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the learning of the campers. We will also have a Parent Information Session containing important information that will help you to be a “Super Parent” and explains how you can support your child to integrate all they have learnt at SuperCamp Bali into their lives once they return home.
Before camp, we will ask parents to fill in the Online Participants Form so we can prepare the campers needs throughout camp. During camp we will be taking photos and uploading them daily for parents to see how much fun we are having. Campers will have phone time x times. Parents can contact the campsite via phone or email if they have any questions.

What sort of food will campers be eating? 
The Green School kitchen will provide organic home cooked meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will also be healthy snacks in between meals for campers. We understand campers might miss their favorite food while they are away from camp, so we will ensure the variety of food from Indonesian to western food.
If your children have allergies or certain food requirements that we need to be aware of, please make sure that you include it in the camper’s form.

Can I visit or call my child? 
We cannot maximize the effectiveness of the program if the student’s experience is interrupted by visits, excessive phone calls, or removal from camp. It is requested that calls to campus and departures from campus are only for emergencies. Prior to camp you will receive contact number and email of the contact person on campsite. If you need to leave a message for your child, the on-site office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Students may bring a cell phone, which must be checked in on arrival and can be checked out for calls on certain days for a limited time. The time of day will vary depending on the camp session. If a student fails to turn in his/her cell phone and it is found in his/her possession, the student will lose their cell phone privileges for the duration of camp.

What is Outdoor Adventure Day?
Outdoor Adventure Days fun days where campers can challenge themsleves.  We use professional and experienced companies to set up and safely assist students through all Outdoor Adventure events. Individual physical needs are considered. Participation in this activity is encouraged, but not required.

What happens in case of emergencies?
Please provide us the appropriate phone numbers that can be contacted if there are any emergencies. If you have a local phone number while traveling, please include it in the campers form.
On arrival day, we will give you contact numbers and emails  in case you need to contact the camp.
Throughout the camp, a qualified and experienced nurse will be present at all times in case campers need medical attention. The nurse will also help to administer medication if your children requires  daily medication.

If you have additional medical reports that we need to read regarding your children, please send it separately to us. 

Where will I sleep during SuperCamp?
Campers will be living in an environmentally friendly building made out of bamboo. Girls and boys will be living on separate levels. They will be bunking with several other campers. 2 male and 2 female Team Leaders will be staying with campers.